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   Our COVID-19 Environmental Services Response Team is working day and night to lower the risk of the disease throughout South Florida. Our specially trained staff is applying EPA-safe materials, the latest technologies, and updated protocols to satisfy the increased disinfection and sanitization standards.



     We disinfect each space based on a thorough analysis of its infrastructure, density of high-risk areas and hours of use. We are concerned that each area is disinfected in detail with the following steps:

  • Detailed treatment of "high contact" surfaces and floors

  • Improved disinfection of hard-to-reach areas


In addition to COVID-19, your staff and clients can be exposed in their spaces to many types of pathogens, including fungi, bacteria and viruses. Beyond immediate damage to normal operations, pathogenic outbreaks affect the public health of your organization. To avoid future crises and restore normal operations, you need a total sanitation and hygiene maintenance of your building. Our services will not only protect your employees and customers, but will also reassure them. To mitigate the threat of future outbreaks, organizations should update their regular cleaning services to include disinfection.

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