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AKA was born out of a need, to show people that teamwork facilitates any task. We are a cleaning company dedicated to the commercial sector, hotels, buildings, offices, restaurants, gyms and other industries.


Do you know what they say about ordered spaces and ordered minds? Ensuring that your office is clean is essential to a happy and productive work environment. We know your time is valuable. That is why we like to work in teams when we are cleaning, this way the work in done with detail and precision.


what WE DO.   


Take the workload off you and your employees by outsourcing the cleaning of your office.

You can choose if you want us to go 1 day a week, every two weeks, 1 time a month or choose which days you want us to do the cleaning.

Do you want something more durable than a one-day cleaning?

We want to be very exact with your quote and offer you the best price plan for your regular cleaning. Schedule an appointment to evaluate the site you want to clean and we can offer you a good deal.



"You made it so simple. My place is much more organized and clean than my previous space. I love the days that come because the next day everything smells fresh and clean.


Thanks guys!"



We know how important it is to have everything clean, so we want you to tell us about yourself and what you need to be able to do that task for you.

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